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Hi there, horror movie fans!

Welcome to the official site of the Bowman Body and the documentary film, HI THERE HORROR MOVIE FANS.  Back in 1970, producer Bill Bowman was conscripted by WXEX . . . The BIG 8! . . . to host horror movies for boils and ghouls in central Virginia.  It was the first exposure many impressionable young people in the area had to Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man and The Mummy, as well as many less than classic "classics."

The Bowman Body hosted Shock Theatre from 1970-1976 in the Richmond - Petersburg market on Friday and Saturday nights, and was so popular his program beat out Johnny Carson in the time slot!  Later, Bill went on to host Cobweb Theater in Charlottesville (1977-1979) and Monsterpiece Theatre in Fairfax, VA (1982-1987).


In 2011, Horse Archer Productions released a feature length documentary on the Bowman Body's fascinating career and surprising cultural impact named after the Bowman Body's signature greeting, HI THERE HORROR MOVIE FANS.  It was a sequel to the film VIRGINIA CREEPERS which chronicled the history of Virginia and Washington, DC horror hosts inspired by popular demand.  The film has led to a renewed interest in the Bowman Body, a line of Bowman inspired products and several special events, public appearances, and screenings.

We invite you to explore the website and . . .


Bowman Body Baseball Hats!

This one of those things that you either get or you don't . . . the Bowman Body's bandaged forehead. 

Like the tennis shoes and leg flopping over the coffin, the Bowman bandage symbolizes the show's unique sense of humor and for fans, and is something of a "secret handshake" for fans of the show.  So, where better to put it than on a ball cap?

The design to your right is embroidered in the colors you see here on a black Velcro adjusted 6 panel baseball cap and currently limited to a run of 48 hats.  The hats are in production now, so ORDER TODAY.  SHIPPING DEC. 15






While supplies last, get a cap and coffee mug for just $25 plus S&H!

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While supplies last, get a cap, coffee mug and movie for just $40 plus S&H!

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